BJP Trust Court And ‘Janata’ In Kashi-Mathura

Be it Gyanvapi or Mathura Janmabhoomi of the future, even though the party welcomed the ‘Janata’ movement on the question of revival of cultural statism, the BJP leadership is claiming that the party will not get involved in any way with the movement in the coming days. According to the party leaders, this movement is of the people. They have gone to court to question their religious rights or will in the future. What does the BJP have to do with it? Sangh Parivar wrote the distance on the Gyanvapi question. They want the real truth to come out. The opposition claimed that the BJP and the Sangh Parivar are moving ahead to fulfill the goal of ‘Ayodhya to Jhanki Hai, Kashi-Mathura Baki Hai!’

The stance of opposition parties

Almost all the opposition parties, including the Congress, except the CPM, are keeping silent on the decision of the District Court of Varanasi to agree to hear the case regarding the demand for puja at Gyanvapi Masjid premises. Opposition parties including Congress said that the matter is already under trial. Talking about the temple mosque, BJP will get an opportunity to do more polarizing politics.

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The Congress, however, had earlier taken a position that temples, mosques, or churches should be left as they were at the time of independence, following the Preservation of Religious Sites Act of 1991, drafted by PV Narasimha Rao. We should not change their characters. Only Babri Masjid-Ram Mandir was exempted from this Act. 

Statement from BJP

On the other hand, the BJP leadership said that the party had been agitating on one issue from the beginning, namely the construction of the Ram temple in Ayodhya. There was no party program in the past to build or restore any other temple. Not even today. But if the people of the country come to restore their religious places, then BJP has nothing to do there. A BJP leader explained, “We aimed to create faith in people’s minds that it is possible to build temples in Ayodhya even in compliance with the Dharmasthana Raksha Act. 

After 2014, the Narendra Modi government came and implemented that demand. Which has given new hope to the religious society of the country. Now they want to understand their rights. It should be kept in mind that the BJP has never opened its mouth about any controversial structure, be it Gyanvapi or Sri Krishna Janmabhoomi, or Qutub Minar. If people get on the road, if the BJP raises their voice against it, there is a possibility that we will be labeled as anti-Hindu.” 

The Sangh Parivar is silent on the question of Gyanvapi. Although they did not directly raise the demand on the question of the construction of the temple, Sunil Ambekar, spokesperson of the Sangh, insisted that the real truth should come out. Because the Sangh-BJP leaders know that once the presence of an ancient Hindu temple in Gyanvapi is found based on scientific evidence in the coming days, they can go down the road to incite Hinduism all over the country.