BJP Promises of UCC in Himachal

After Gujarat, BJP played the same civil law card in Himachal Pradesh!

Voting for assembly elections in Himachal next Saturday. BJP released its election manifesto yesterday. The manifesto has announced that the BJP will enact a uniform civil code if it comes to power in the state.

The Padma camp played the same card before the assembly elections in Uttarakhand. The BJP leadership is also of the opinion that it was beneficial. Recently, even before the Gujarat assembly elections, the BJP announced in the state that a committee headed by a former High Court judge will be formed to introduce a uniform civil code. BJP national president JP Nadda promised a uniform civil code while releasing the party’s manifesto in Shimla yesterday. He also said that there will be a survey of all Waqf properties.

Opponent’s view 

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Opponents see it as an attempt to polarize in the name of religion on the one hand, while the promise of a uniform civil code is also claimed as an electoral gimmick. Because it is not possible to introduce uniform civil rules at the state level. If done, it should be done at the national level, in the whole country. When the Uniform Civil Code is introduced, people of all religions will have to follow the same law in matters like marriage, divorce, adoption, and inheritance. In that case, Muslims object to a uniform civil law saying that Shariat law will become irrelevant.

Only 2.1 percent of Himachal’s population is Muslim. Chama, the upper Shimla area, Simraur Bilaspur, and some areas of Mandi are inhabited by Muslims. After the formation of the Himachal state till yesterday, no Muslim leader had won the Himachal Legislative Assembly as a legislator. 37 percent of the population are Rajput, eighteen percent are Brahmins. Despite this, opposition claims that the BJP has played the card of uniform civil rules in states like Himachal, from which it is clear that the BJP government in the state is under pressure.


Aam Aadmi Party leader and Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal questioned why the BJP is not implementing this rule in the entire country as the BJP promised a uniform civil code in the face of Gujarat elections. Yesterday, Abhishek Manu Singhvi, a Congress leader in Himachal, asked, “BJP has been in power at the center for the last eight years. It has been in power in Himachal for the last five years. I want to know from JP Nadda, why has he not done this for so long?” Even as BJP and RSS leaders have raised the demand for a uniform civil code across the country Union Law Minister Kiren Rijiju said, “The position of the BJP is not the position of the central government.” Although the Law Commission has said that it will look into this matter, the chairman of the commission has not been appointed in the last two years. Manu Singhvi asked, “Does the BJP assume UCC can work at state levels?”