Beat The Heat: Fundamental Tips For Protection From Heatstroke And Exhaustion

There can be conditions when you are feeling extreme dehydration. However, in such cases, one can often encounter heat stroke or heat exhaustion. However, there are specific steps that can protect us from experiencing heat stroke and heat exhaustion. So, in this article, we will look at some of the suggestions that will help us in achieving so.

Water consumption and outdoor activities

The first and most essential step to prevent heat exhaustion or stroke is consuming an adequate amount of water. It will enable us to compensate for the loss of body fluid during the summer season.

The second thing is that we should avoid going out more often. Also, if we are going for any outdoor activities, then we need to time our session. For example, if we do our exercise in outdoor conditions. Then, we need to do so during the early morning or in the late evening time. As a result, it will help us in avoiding direct light and excessive heat.

There can also be situations in which we are trying to do our exercise in an intense manner. In such cases, we need to take small breaks at regular intervals. It will avoid excessive body fluid loss and the feeling of dehydration.

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Clothes and environment

The next most important step is the use of lightweight or light-coloured clothes during the summer season. It often helps in less absorption of heat and keeps us cool during hot weather.

Getting used to the hot weather is also another point to remember. It implies that if we are going from a cold to a hot place, then we should give our bodies some time to adjust to the new environment. This may include going out less often and taking a few-minute break while being outside in direct sunlight.

Another step to remember is the use of sunscreen lotions. We need to remember that the application of lotions can protect our bodies from excessive heat. We should also remember that the sunscreen must have SPF 30 or more. It will also help us to be sweat-resistant during extreme heat.


Having light and small meals is another point to remember. We need to confirm that our diet contains fresh fruits and vegetables along with less carbohydrates. We should also try to consume cucumber and watermelon more often. It is because they have a high amount of water. It can help us remain hydrated for a more extended duration of time.

So, these are some of the points that we need to consider to avoid dehydration, and it’s true. In case of serious situations, we can also take help from professionals for further assistance.