Azad Mocks Rahul After His Resignation

No natural skills! Not interested in politics! After resigning from Congress, Ghulam Nabi Azad targeted Rahul Gandhi for the first time. He criticized both Sonia and Rahul in a five-page resignation letter after spending nearly fifty years in various Congress posts. Congress leaders close to the Gandhi family have been criticizing him ever since. This leader of Jammu and Kashmir was following the words of Narendra Modi and the BJP, according to Congress’s hints.

Azad’s honest opinion

Azad yesterday aimed Rahul, saying, “It is his trusted leaders who have stepped up to fulfill Narendra Modi’s dream of a ‘Congress-free India’.” Narendra Modi’s cry during Ghulam’s retirement from Rajya Sabha was the tool of Congress leaders to prove the closeness of Narendra Modi-Ghulam Nabi. And Ghulam said yesterday, “I did not hug Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Parliament. One day he criticized Modi in Parliament. Then he said, he has no hatred toward Modi. I hugged Modi, or did he?”

Ghulam Nabi’s complaint about running Rahul’s party, ‘Chowkidarchorhai’, the slogan raised by Rahul Gandhi before the 2019 polls, was not supported by any senior leader. Rahul did not discuss it with anyone. He asked to raise his hand to know who was in favor of it. Ghulam Nabi’s statement, “Rahul is good as a person. But he does not have the natural skills, interest, and will to do politics.” According to him, the Congress organization will collapse. The party leadership has no time to think about that. A compounder is giving medicine instead of a doctor. The party is full of uneducated people.

Azad Mocks
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According to Ghulam Nabi, he and 22 Congress leaders had written to Sonia Gandhi to complain about the poor condition of the party. That is the reason for the anger of the Congress’s high command. They never wanted anybody to ask questions or write to them. Many meetings have been held. But not a single suggestion of that letter was followed. For him shedding tears at Narendra Modi is just an excuse. Ghulam Nabi commented, “It was my own family that made me leave home. Narendra Modi called me after a few people from Gujarat were killed in a militant attack in Kashmir. I was the Chief Minister then. I cried at the brutality of the murder. Modi cried in the Rajya Sabha mentioning that incident. I thought he was a tough guy. At least he showed humanity.”According to Congress leaders, Ghulam Nabi may form his party and go toe-to-toe with the BJP in the Jammu and Kashmir polls.

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Congress leader’s comment

Congress PR leader Jairam Ramesh countered, “After such a long career, Ghulam Nabi has been given the task of mudslinging. We can unmask him. But why stoop so low?” Ghulam Nabi’s counter-complaint is that Ramesh himself is the leader of which state, which district, no one knows. He used to work as a ‘freelancer’ until a few days ago. Earlier, Ghulam Nabi alleged that Pranab Mukherjee and PV Narasimha Rao had been disrespected by the Congress leadership.