Argentina Wins The World Cup Final

Night of dreams. Best ever final in World Cup history. Lionel Messi gave good news to the fans on the night of Argentina’s World Cup victory after breaking the curse for 36 years. He informed that now he is not retiring from the national team. He said, “I want to continue in more matches for my country, Argentina. Because, everyone wants it. I am lucky. I got everything in football life. I want to enjoy this success with everyone now.”

The entire Lusail Stadium was filled with emotion as Messi kissed the World Cup trophy after defeating France in a tiebreaker. Kylian Mbappé was sitting a little far away with the pain of a broken dream. He could have been a hero in the final. Durant scored a hat-trick to bring France back into the game. He also kept alive France’s hope of touching Brazil’s precedent by winning the World Cup for the second time in a row. But the French Revolution failed in the cursed tiebreaker at the hands of Emiliano Martinez.

Battle of life 

World Cup Final
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This Sunday’s match is not only the World Cup final, Messi had a promise to win the battle of life. Crushing Europe’s idol and flying the victory of the football industry in Latin America again.

The dream that he started seeing since he started playing football has been destroyed time and again since 2006. This time after the loss to Saudi Arabia in the first match, many people heard Messi’s farewell message. With the World Cup trophy in hand, Messi proved that it is a big mistake to predict great stars. Cristiano Ronaldo or he, who is the best, the match put an end to that debate.

Within 23 minutes, Osmane Dembele gave Argentina a penalty by pulling Di Maria’s foot into the box. After placing the ball, Messi closed his eyes for a few seconds. A perfect left-footed placement forced Hugo to leap to the side as he raced towards the gallery, a war-winning smile on his face. In the 36th minute, Messi gave the ball to DePaul with an impeccable flick from the midfield. He passes to Alvarez. He gave the ball to Di Maria, who came up at great speed from the left end. Messi hugged his teammate from 2-0. Then ran to coach Scaloni in front of the reserve bench.

Wrapping up 

The Argentinian coach’s best move to stop a fearsome France was to play Di Maria from the start to stop Mbappe’s run. Don’t let Griezmann catch the ball. Argentina went ahead 2-0 before France could handle this initial shock. Towards the end of the first half, France started to turn around with two changes of coach. He dropped Marcus Thuram and Kolo Mwani in place of Olivier Giroud and Dembele. Mbappé scored 1-2 in 80 minutes. Within a minute, he explained why the football king Pele was excited about him. The Argentinian’s celebration was stopped 2-2 by a quick volley from Marcus’s pass. But in the 108th minute, Messi put Argentina ahead again.