Argentina And Brazil Are Targeting A Spot In The Semi-Finals, In World Cup

As per the report published in The Times Of India, Brazil is looking forward to becoming the first team into reaching the semi-finals in the World Cup. While Argentina too is looking for a spot in it if they could beat the Netherlands.  Three weeks have already gone by amidst this highly action-packed tournament. Amidst thirty-two participating teams, it has come down to only eight teams now into the final rounds in the knockout stage which is about to begin after a gap of two days.

Brazil which happens to be five times champions is about to begin its journey in the quarterfinals against the runners-up of 2018, Croatia. The good news in the Brazilian camp is that after surviving an ankle injury during the initial game in the tournament, Neymar has returned to the team in full form.  In the previous match, the fans were happy to see him perform. Talking about it Neymar has told the media that he would do everything possible to make his country win. It has been the dream and mission of the national team of Brazil before they came down to participate in this World Cup.

Neymar has further told that they are gradually moving closer to achieving their dreams and they have another step to take now. Having said that Neymar also added that Croatia also happens to be a much stronger side now than what they used to be during 2018. The main star of its team has been Luca Modric the thirty-seven-year-old magnificent player.

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Speaking to the reporters in Doha, Modric has told that it was a great thing to be a part of the quarter-finals but they shall give all they have so that they could reach the next round. He also said during the match against Brazil, he would be playing against his teammates at Real Madrid such as Eder Militao, Vinicius Junior, and Rodrygo. He understands that it is going to be their greatest match ahead because Brazil happens to be the favorites and they have to play their best game and be themselves.

On the other hand, Lionel Messi who won the Ballon dÓr seven times is hoping that his wait for winning the World Cup shall Argentina shall finally get over this time ever since they lost the final to Germany during the extra time, eight years back. Argentina will fight against the Netherlands. Both these countries have met five times before in the tournament. After the loss in the first match against Saudi Arabia, Messi has pushed up his form and has been playing well. Now he is looking ahead to re-create his old magic as he prepares to meet the Dutch in the quarter-finals.

While Louis Gaal has told that his team is ready to face the challenge against Argentina and they have a strategy too for tackling Messi. The fans of both Brazil and Argentina are excited about their team’s performance in the quarter-final and are hoping that both these giants meet in the semifinals.