Apple Rumored To Launch Pocket-Friendly ‘Airpods Lite’

Apple’s AirPods are unquestionably becoming a legendary symbol of design and ease in wireless listening. However, the high cost of over 300 dollars has impeded many potential users interested in making their entry ticket into the world of wireless earbuds.

But now, it seems Apple is set to bring the democratization to access the most famous AirPods experience with the reported launch of ‘AirPods Lite’ – a cheaper variant of its presently popular true wireless earbuds. The latest reports from reliable sources like 9to5Mac and the most reputed analyst of Apple, Jeff Pu, claim that Apple is all set to launch its AirPods Lite towards the end of this year. This will be a decisive breakthrough for the consumers eagerly waiting for an alternative that would come up against this giant’s expensive product lines.

According to Pu’s investor note, Apple will considerably ramp up AirPods Lite’s production to accommodate the expected demand for this long-awaited product. Though there are no specific details regarding AirPods Lite specifications, Apple analysts like Ming-Chi Kuo even point towards a $99 price point. This aligns with an earlier report from tech journalist Mark Gurman, who said that Apple is considering two distinct models of AirPods 4 to introduce a cheaper variant in the series at the same time as the latest high-end one.

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Therefore, the Lite would likely need some of the premium features on the active noise cancellation and wireless charging list, making it a cut-down version aimed at different consumers. The design of AirPods Lite should repeat the familiar aesthetics of the predecessors: bright white color, by which they are identified, and iconic design with the stem.

That way, it will allow the entry-level AirPods to sport that elegant design synonymous with the brand. However, true to cheap ethos, there are rumors that AirPods Lite may include some older chip technology than present in more expensive offerings. The introduction of the Lite AirPods would also further diversify Apple’s AirPods line, currently being offered as a different model to suit disparate consumer preferences and budgets. The current line-up features the 2nd gen AirPods, priced at Rs 12,900, and the ones released in 2021 with an initial price of Rs 19,900.

This may look so high to some, but the discounts and promotions carried out most of the time on e-commerce platforms tend to have a higher appeal from a wider audience. AirPods Lite would be the strategic launch by Apple to extend its penetration into the wireless earbud market by trying to tap into price-sensitive customers who have thus far been withholding purchases due to the higher price points of its previous models. What Apple has in mind with the third model is broadening the customer base for its audio segment with a cheaper entry into the AirPods ecosystem while reinforcing its leadership position in the audio accessory segment.