Apple Is On The Process Of Making A Foldable iPhone

A report published in The Indian Express states that a patent that Apple won throws hints at the fact that this tech giant is in the process of making a foldable iPhone that shall also operate through a buttonless feature. In fact, to cater to the needs of a wider mass, now Apple launches about one to three iPhones a year. But they have discovered that there still lies a connection gap between the iPhones and the users. None of the present iPhones can be folded in half. And this is one thing that Apple is now looking forward to taking care of.

This Cupertino-based organization has brought several patents during 2020 and 2021 which throws enough hint that they are currently working on foldable tablets and iPhones. Recently things have become more advanced because earlier this week a new patent emerged. It described that now technology would grant permission to users to operate a phone using the chassis only. 

Buttonless Foldable iPhone

Foldable iPhone
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According to a report published by CNBC, on the fourteenth of February this year, Apple got a patent awarded which states that technology is going to become further advance for Apple. Now the users will be able to touch not only the screen but also different parts of advice too for carrying out various functions. A mention of a shutter button that operates virtually has also been found in the patient. The users can now operate the camera just by touching the sides of the device. It will also allow them to slide their finders either downward or upwards of the device for controlling the volume.

In the patient, there is also a drawing of a foldable tablet and phone having a wraparound screen. Although there has been no mention of its release, a rumor which is going states that it is expected to be released in 2025.

The Maiden Foldable Phone Patient Of Apple

One of its earlier patents of Apple from 2016 clearly states that this tech giant is looking forward to a foldable iPhone having a full display screen. For records, the first phone to have a foldable screen was launched in 2019 by Samsung named, Galaxy Fold. 

In the patent of Apple, there is a mention of various flexible components apart from the display which includes a support structure of metal too. Even after you shut the phone, you can still access the display on the two halves.

A Layer Of Hardcoat For Preventing Cracking 

A patent that was published in the month of October 2020 mentions a hybrid overlay structure to bring flexibility to display applications. This leaves a hint that Apple might use a protective layer to stop the cracking of the phone when it is either folded or curved. It will add flexibility to the display modules. The protective layer might also work against resistance to scratches and upgrade the durability of the phone.