Anubrata Wrote A Letter To The CBI Saying It Was ‘Inhuman’

He was ‘shocked’ by the behavior of the CBI. Trinamool Congress Birbhum district president Anubrata Mondal termed the use of the investigating officer in particular as practically ‘inhuman’.

In the letter, investigating officer Anubrata Mondal described the behavior of Sushant Bhattacharya as ‘inhuman’ after sending a summons notice to his home on Tuesday morning. On Wednesday morning, the letter containing the reasons for his absenteeism and those comments reached the CBI through email and lawyers.

Why ‘shocked’? Why ‘inhuman’? According to Anubrata, on Sunday he reached Kolkata after crossing a road of about 200 kilometers in a sick body. He fell ill on Tuesday morning after returning home to Bolpur after a health check-up at SSKM (PG) Hospital on Monday. Then he was called again on Wednesday. He was ‘shocked’ by this ‘inhuman’ use. After examining him, the local doctors advised him to take complete rest for two weeks. Therefore, he was not able to face the interrogation on Wednesday.

Anubrata’s claims

Anubrata claims in the letter that he obeys the rule of law. He is a peaceful senior citizen. Investigators know that he has been sick for several years. In the meantime, he recovered a little and confronted the investigators. He also gave the medical report. Anubrata further claimed that he is not involved in the cow smuggling case in any way. He said on this day that he will face the investigators after recovering a little. However, it is not clear in the letter when the meeting will take place, the investigators said.

According to CBI sources, Anubrata’s reply and reports of his treatment at SSKM and Bolpur State General Hospital have been sent to Delhi. If necessary, the doctors of Bolpur can be questioned.

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CBI’s statement

A CBI official said, “SSKM doctors examined Anubrata’s health on Monday and said he has the senile disease. He will be fine on medication. Then did the situation change overnight? Did he fall seriously ill on Tuesday morning? Did doctors at Bolpur hospital suggest him full rest?” The matter is being looked into.”

CBI sources claim that Anubrata has been summoned 10 times since March last year in the cow smuggling case. He is submitting the report of illness only during interrogation. But there is information about his active participation in various social events, administrative meetings, and election campaigns in the last one and a half years. Videos of those political and administrative meetings and election campaign meetings have been collected. Anubrata’s Facebook page is regularly monitored.

Investigating officers claim that they have received information about Anubrata’s involvement in cow smuggling. Statements of Enamul Haque and Anubrata’s bodyguard Sehgal Hossain, who is accused of being the main ringleaders of the cow smuggling ring, have been recorded. Irrelevant income tax documents and property accounts are verified. There is a lot of ambiguity in matching assets with income.

Whenever Anubrata was in trouble, he organized great sacrifices. It is heard that pandal is being tied on the roof of the house this time too.