All About Modi’s ‘Door-To-Door’ Campaign in Gujarat

The top leadership of the BJP understands that the situation in Gujarat is quite unfavorable. So, they are thinking of campaigning by taking Narendra Modi-Amit Shah door-to-door to retain power. However, the implementation of this plan depends on the clearance of security forces and intelligence agencies.

Gujarat will go to polls on December 1 and 5. On the one hand, the activism of angry legislators in the polling arena, on the other hand, the ruling BJP in Djerba is anti-establishment. According to Padma Shivir sources, on the last day of campaigning in Phase 2, the two top leaders will go door-to-door canvassing for the party candidates in the areas where Modi and Shah will hold public meetings, seeking votes for their support. Just like an ordinary party worker does, the party is thinking of bringing Modi-Shah down the road for PR purposes.

Statement from a party leader 

Campaign in Gujarat
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According to a party leader, Modi-Shah is our star propagandist. Naturally, if they go on the road, canvassing from door to door, there is a strong possibility of a positive impact on the entire state. That is why the plan has been taken.

In Gujarat like Himachal Pradesh, the party is mainly worried by angry BJP leaders. At least more than a dozen BJP leaders have already submitted nomination papers as independent candidates without getting tickets. Notable among them is Harshad Basava, the Janjati leader of the state. He has already resigned from the BJP and submitted his nomination as a candidate for the Nandod assembly constituency to contest as an independent candidate. The two-time MLA is part of the angry tribal community that the leader did not get a ticket. 

Congress has also weaponized the issue. The BJP fears Harshad may hurt adjoining Janjati-dominated constituencies apart from Nandod. According to sources, state Minister of State for Home Harsh Sanghvi met Harsh and requested him to withdraw from the fight. Harshad did not pay attention to it.

The insurgency is also in the Saurashtra area. Former MLA Arvind Ladani has resigned from the party after not getting a ticket from the Kesod seat in that area. Similarly, former BJP MLA Dinesh Patel has submitted his nomination as an independent candidate from the Padra seat in the Baroda district. Satish Patel has submitted his nomination from the Karjan assembly seat of the same district. Congress MLA Akshay Patel, who won last time in that center, and later joined the BJP, has been nominated by the party this time. Angry with the decision of the party, Satish has decided to stand as an independent candidate from that center. 

Birsa-Vandana’s target is the Gujarat election

On Birsa Munda’s birthday yesterday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi claimed that tribes are the inspiration behind various schemes of his government. His bird’s eye is the tribal vote of Gujarat. On the sidelines of the G-20 conference, the Prime Minister reminded in a video message yesterday that he was the one who declared Birsa Munda’s birthday as a nation’s glory day.