Abhimanyu and His Team to face a Tough Test Today

After scoring a century with the bat, he also took 5 wickets with the ball. Shahbaz Ahmed’s name was added to the list of centuries and 5 wickets in the same match with Sourav Ganguly and Pranab Nandi. But on the day of its success, the Bengalcamp is not very comfortable. Chasing 350 runs, Bengal lost four wickets at the end of the fourth day and scored 96 runs. Captain Abhimanyu Easwaranfought with 52 runs, unbeaten. Anustup Majumdar was unbeaten on 8 runs. Today, on Saturday, Bengal will have to score 254 more runs to get the clearance for the finals.

Details of the match

In the last hour of Friday, the BengalTeam lost more wickets of Manoj Tiwary (7) and was in greater danger. Manoj’s fighting century in the first innings brought Bengal back in the counter match. But the most experienced batsman of the team could not run as expected in the second innings. Kumar Kartikeya’s ball was stepped out and he was caught by mid-on.

Bengal started the day well. Returning to Rajat Patidar (79), Shahbaz was the first to push into the Madhya Pradesh camp. Pradipta Pramanik accompanied him. 4 wickets were in his possession. He made Aditya Srivastava (82) out of the match to ensure the return of the Bengal team to the match.


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Experts hoped that the openers might make a good start when they went down to bat in the Bangla team. But in the first ball of this second innings, Abhishek Raman came back with a slip catch in Kartikeya’s arm. Sudip Gharami came to bat at number three. He also did not start the innings badly. But a wrong decision by the umpire sent him back to the pavilion. Sudip took the ball in his gloves while doing a reverse sweep of off-spinner Saransh Jain. The umpire raised his finger without hesitation. Abhishek Porel was given the responsibility to keep the scoreboard active at number four. He also failed. A delivery from Karthikeya turned into the left-handed batter who hit the stumps. The pitch became so slow and uneven that most of the balls were going down. On the fifth day, the Anustup and team will have to test for big runs on this pitch. Only then will the ticket for the final be available.

Captain’s stance

Abhimanyu is unwilling to give up. He is desperate to win. He said, “Everyone can see how the wicket is behaving. It’s very slow. The ball is getting lower. Several balls are spinning. He added, “On the fifth day we have to give a big test. It is not possible to win this match without a big pair. We have to make that effort. He further added, “The fifth day will show how much we are ready to win. Everyone has to share the responsibility of winning the team. It is not possible to win this match alone. “

Easwaran also praised Shahbaz. “In the first innings, he proved himself with the bat.”