Aadhaar Address Can Be Corrected Online From Now On

When it comes to correcting Aadhaar information or changing residential address, many do not have proof of new residence to do so. Aadhaar authority (UIDAI) has taken a special step in the data registration process to eliminate that problem. It is said that from now on anyone can correct the address in their Aadhaar document online by using their address proof with the consent of the head of the family.

According to UIDAI, many people do not have any proof of new address even if they want to change their Aadhaar address. Such a customer can use any address proof of their family head. These may include ration card, exam mark sheet, marriage certificate, passport etc. But whichever one is used, it should contain the names of both the head of the household and the addressee. Their relationship should also be mentioned there. The information of the head of the household will be verified through OTP (the one-time password that comes to the mobile). If the identity card does not mention the relationship, then the head of the family will submit a self-declaration in the form prescribed by the UIDAI.

Update of Aadhaar Card 

Aadhaar Address
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As a general rule, identity card, biometric data (fingerprint and eye impression) and address proof have to be submitted while correcting Aadhaar data. According to concerned sources, UIDAI has recently said that those who got Aadhaar number 10 years ago, will have to submit all the information anew. Even if it isn’t changed.

Aadhaar authorities claim that now if you can use any document that has proof of address of the head of the family, there will be no problem even if there is no proof of address of one’s child, husband or wife, father or mother. Many people change their residence due to various reasons and the problem of correction arises due to lack of proof. In all such cases this new rule will help and simplify the process.

According to the rules, anyone above 18 years of age can be the head of the household and give their address identity card to a relative. It can be done online (My Aadhaar Portal). The UIDAI said that the rest of the information about the address being used will remain confidential during the entire process. Whose information will be corrected, they will have to spend 50 rupees for this service.

Oil company profit tax increased again

At the beginning of the year, the Center revised the windfall tax by increasing the profits falling on the production and exports of Indian oil companies. They said on Tuesday that the tax is increasing from Rupees 1700 to Rupees 2100 per ton for the companies that produce crude oil in the country, including the state-owned ONGC. Diesel export tax has increased from rupees 5 to rupees 6.5 per litre. And in the case of aviation fuel (ATF) export, it has increased from rupees 1.50 to rupees 4.5 per litre. The new rate has been effective from this day.