A Sum Of Rupees 16,800Cr Is To Be Released Today By The Indian Prime Minister To Aid 8Cr Farmers

According to a report published in The Times Of India, on Monday the Prime Minister Of India shall be releasing the thirteenth sum of installment which amounts to over sixteen thousand eight hundred crores. This amount is to be divided amongst more than eight crore farmers who are the beneficiaries under the support scheme of income of PM-Kisan at Karnataka’s Belagavi.

According to this scheme, a sum of rupees six thousand is released annually directly into the bank accounts of every landholder farmer who are eligible under this scheme. The amount is divided into three installments of rupees two thousand. According to the reports, to date, a sum of more than 2.2 lakhs crore has been given to over eleven crore farmers and their families who are landholders across different regions in India. This program of PM-Kisan was introduced in February 2019 by the Prime Minister to support the farmers. But the implementation of it actually has already taken effect from December 2018.


The eleventh and twelfth installments of funds under this scheme in this current financial year have been released during the months of May and October in the previous year. While speaking to the reporters on Sunday, a member from the Agricultural Ministry of India stated that under this scheme of PM-Kisan, the farmers across different regions in the country have got benefited significantly. And the ministry is sure that this final installment of this financial year shall help in giving not only a boost to the incomes of the farmers but also, support in the growth of the anticultural sector in a beneficial way. 

Each of the landholding farmers and their families in this country is entitled to benefit monetarily under this scheme. But there are also certain criteria for exclusion as well. Not only the farmers but this scheme has also helped more than three crore women beneficiaries as well. In the past four years, the total number of women beneficiaries has received a sum of more than rupees fifty-three thousand and six hundred crores under this fund.

From the ministry, it has been further stated that under this PM-Kisan’s funds, the economic growth in the rural sector has got a push. Alongside a boost in agricultural investments, it has also eased the constraints of credits for the farmers. Due to this financial support from the Prime Minister, the capacity of taking a risk amongst the farmers have got increased. It further led to productive investments as well. 

According to a report by the IFPRI, with the help of the PM-Kisan funds, the beneficiaries are now been able to meet not only their agricultural expenses but also other expenses too. Expenses such as medical care, education, and marriage are also been taken care of. It must also be noted that during the lockdowns in 2020 due to Covid-19, a sum of rupees 1.75 lakh crores was distributed too in multiple installments for the support of the farmers.