A Light Rainfall Is Expected To Occur In Delhi, Today

According to a report published today in, India Today, in the past two days the minimum temperature in Delhi has got increased by five degrees Celsius bringing relief from the severe cold. Due to the western disturbances across the mountains, it has turned a little warmer in Delhi making a rise in their minimum temperature to three and a half degrees Celsius. The primary weather station of Delhi which is at Safdarjung, on Thursday has recorded a temperature of five and a half degrees Celsius. Whereas in Palam the minimum temperature has been at nine and a half degrees Celsius. The temperatures at Ayanagar and Delhi Ridge have been at five degrees and five and a half degrees Celsius. 

It has also been reported that today there shall be no fog anywhere across the northwestern regions. The level of visibility shall remain normal. From Thursday and Friday, the level of chill in the air of Delhi shall subside due to western disturbances. Yesterday, was the eighth cold wave in Delhi for this month according to data published by the Meteorological Department of India.

Light Rainfall
image source:https://images.indianexpress.com/2022/07/Delhi-rains.jpeg

During January 2020, Delhi witnessed seven cold waves, while in 2021 there were no recordings made as such. According to the data from IMD, this January, from the fifth to the ninth had been the longest season of cold waves for the second time in the last ten years.

A Light Spell Of Rain Is Expected To Occur In Delhi, Today

The weather department has told that today, across Delhi and its neighboring areas, a light spell of rain is expected to occur. It has already been notified about the same at the beginning of the week that in Delhi there is a possibility of partly cloudy skies from Thursday onwards and from the evening, a light spell of rain will occur. The IMD report has further stated that the minimum temperature in Delhi will arise by five degrees Celsius. After the light rain during the evening of Thursday, the temperatures are likely to arise furthermore. On Friday the temperature is likely to be around eight degrees Celsius.  

The IMD has also told that across different parts of Punjab, Chandigarh, Haryana, West Uttar Pradesh, and north Rajasthan it is expected that from the twenty-third to twenty-fifth, there shall be light to moderate thundershowers. And on the twenty-third and the twenty-fourth, there shall be light to moderate thundershowers in Delhi as well. 

Across the next few days in Delhi, the skies shall remain partly clouded and there shall be a moderate level of fog in the mornings too. The minimum temperature is expected to remain between five to nine degrees Celsius whereas the maximum temperature may reach up to twenty-one to twenty-three degrees Celsius.  The Northern Railways has also informed that, because of fog, thirteen trains have been delayed.

The weather bulletin by IMD also states that severe cold waves are to continue across different parts of Eastern Uttar Pradesh, Eastern Rajasthan, Western Uttar Pradesh, Western Madhya Pradesh, Bihar, and East Madhya Pradesh too.