A Grandma Of Pune At 83 Years, Won Medals At A Carrom Tournament

An article published in The Indian Express has not only taken the netizens by surprise but also left them inspired too. You have surely heard the popular saying that age happens to be a mere number and so one must always do the thing that one enjoys ad love. This holds very true as another such incident has sprung up on Twitter. A proud grandson has shared the photos of his grandmother who is eighty-three years of age. This elderly woman has won medals at a carrom tournament that happened in Pune.

Akshay Marathe who happens to be a lawyer and also the spokesperson for AAP has tweeted that in a carrom tournament hosted in the Magarpatta City of Pune, his grandmother won medals. Marathe’s grandmother at eighty-three had won a bronze medal in the category of singles and a gold medal in the category of doubles of a carrom tournament. Marathe says that he feels immensely proud and inspired by his grandmother’s achievement.

Carrom Tournament
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Mentioning the glorious victory of his grandmother, Marathe said that what made him immensely proud and the winning more special is that his grandmother had won against the opponents who were much younger than her.  He also posted a very short video of about twenty-one seconds on Twitter where it is seen that his grandmother was competing against a woman much younger than her. Marathe had written in his tweet that the concentration of his grandmother while playing was very impressive. She had even nailed a few of the shots perfectly as well. He said that he is highly inspired by his eighty-three-year-old Aaji. He also mentioned that she had won against much steadier and younger hands.

Marathe had even shared a few pictures on Twitter where he is seen with his grandmother and a few friends playing carroms. Proud Marathe wrote that he also credits himself and his friend too because they have practiced together with his grandmother. And he never had forgotten to mention it too that although they had practiced with his grandmother but she had destroyed them in all the games. This heartwarming video has earned over ten thousand views on Twitter. Netizens not have congratulated but also stated that they felt inspired. One of the viewers had written it was very inspiring and good and he expresses his heartiest congratulations. While another viewer had showered his love for Aaji and she surely inspired him. Many had even commented that it reminded them of their grandparents. 

Last year during the month of February, there has been a report of a similar kind of incident in The Indian Express. A thirty-seven-second video clip on Twitter has instantly got viral and won the hearts of many on the social media platform. It showed an elderly woman from Kashmir who was speaking in English. The video showed that the old woman was sharing space on the screen with a man much younger than her. She was translating the local Kashmiri words into English.