A Few Gut Bacteria Can Lead To Diabetes

According to an article published in The Indian Express, medical researchers in the US have found that there is a form of bacteria which is in the gut which leads to diabetes of Type2. But the good news is that there is also another type of bacteria that protects it. In a journal of Diabetes, a research study stated that people who have a higher level of bacteria named Coprococcus have greater sensitivity to insulin. Those who have the bacteria named Flavonifractor have a lower level of sensitivity to insulin.

Dr. V. Mohan, who happens to be the chairman of Mohan Diabetes says this study is very interesting. He further states that there have been multiple studies in the past that had tried to correlate the fungi in the gut with diabetes. In fact, there are a lot of different bacteria and fungi that live together in the gut. Dr. Mohan further states various researchers have discovered that those people who do not take in insulin properly have lesser levels of a particular type of bacteria that produces a fatty acid called butyrate. 

image source:https://images.hindustantimes.com/img/2022/01/19/550×309/diabetes_thumb_1636714977489_1642566796501.jpg

He says that in their laboratory they have undergone a huge Indo-Danish study about the impact of bacteria in the gut and its sensitivity to insulin. They took three categories of people one was without diabetes; the other was in the pre-diabetic stage and the third was with diabetes to test the gut microbes. The studies revealed that there was a huge difference between the Indians who had microbiota in th gut with the Danish people. 

The difference was due to the difference in food habits. The food habits of Indians are more based on high carbs. This was the only difference that made a huge difference between the health of Indians with the Danish. There were one or two similar bacteria between the people of these two different countries but it was too insignificant to take into consideration. 

Dr. Mohan further states that in terms of this theory that diabetics are helped by probiotics, there is no strong evidence for it at least till now. Probiotics help in keeping a smooth flow in the gut, especially in old people who are suffering from constipation. They require it each time they take in antibiotics. But where the role of it in diabetics is concerned, at least amongst the Indians this theory has not got proven till now. As a maximum, it is good for keeping the inflammation markers suppressed.

In relation to this another highly reputed surgeon Dr. Mark Goodarzi says that there lies one more dilemma in this theory. Is diabetes due to the difference between the microbiome or is it diabetes that has caused a difference between the microbiome? There happens o be no answer to it for certain as of now. Researchers have collected stool samples from clinics with people having diabetes but the studies showed a difference in insulin. Flavonifractor is about the resistance of insulin are in higher levels in people with diabetes.