8 Cheetahs Are Being Brought to India from Namibia

This time Narendra Modi will spend his birthday with African cheetahs. BJP is launching ‘Seva Paksh’ across the country since Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s birthday. Narendra Modi himself is on his way to Kuno National Park in Madhya Pradesh on his birthday on September 17, to welcome cheetahs from Namibia. He will personally release eight cheetahs flown in from Namibia to the sanctuary.

History of cheetahs in the country

7 decades ago, India was home to Asiatic cheetahs. Their numbers gradually decreased due to the lack of prey and safe shelter for the kingdom kings. King Ramanuja Pratap Singh Deo of the Koria region of Surguja in present-day Chhattisgarh also hunted three leopards in 1947. That picture of hunting and hunter is proof of the last existence of the cheetah in this country. In 1952, the cheetah was officially declared extinct. As such, after 75 years, the cheetah is going to reappear on the soil of India. But not Asian cheetahs, African cheetahs.

The Prime Minister himself is on his way to welcome them. The sarcasm of the opposition, Narendra Modi himself wants to be in the limelight with the cheetahs on his birthday.

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Comment from the opposing party

On Wednesday, MIM leader Asaduddin Owaisi said that Narendra Modi is faster than a cheetah when it comes to avoiding serious issues. The Prime Minister’s release of the cheetahs in Kuno National Park is part of his efforts to revive the country’s wildlife and its habitat, the Prime Minister’s Office said on Thursday. The release of cheetahs in Kuno National Park will restore the environment’s “ecosystem” of open forests and grasslands. Biodiversity will be preserved. Common people will also benefit. The development of eco-tourism will also increase the livelihood opportunities of the residents.

Special aircraft have already arrived to fly eight cheetahs out of Namibia. The front of that plane is wrapped in a picture of a tiger’s face. Earlier this year, India signed an agreement with Namibia in this regard. There are five male cheetahs in a group of eight cheetahs. It also includes two brothers, who hunt in pairs. According to the central government, this is the first time in the world that large carnivores are being transferred from one continent to another. This work is being done under ‘Project Cheetah’.

Centre’s forest and environment minister Bhupendra Yadav sees cheetahs as ‘goodwill ambassadors’ in Africa. His statement, ‘The whole country is eagerly waiting to hear the cheetah’s roar once again.’

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The Wildlife Conservation Act prohibits the release of animals from other countries into the forests of this country. Even though the animal is genetically close to the Indian animal. The central government has been trying in this regard for the last two years. In the end, the Supreme Court allowed it. Therefore, it is called ‘reintroduction’ instead of ‘introduction’ of cheetahs in the official records. But wildlife experts are divided on whether these cheetahs can adapt to the Madhya Pradesh environment after flying from the African environment.