5500 Cameras To Handle Pak-Drone

BSF DG Pankaj Kumar Singh admits that preventing drones on the Pakistan border is the biggest challenge at the moment. In a press conference on the occasion of the annual establishment day of the force yesterday, Pankaj said that due to the increase in drone traffic on the Pakistan border, it has been decided to install about 5500 cameras on the western border.

However, Pankaj did not directly answer questions about the BJP’s frequent claim that bordering states like West Bengal and Assam have changed due to immigration from Bangladesh. He said, “A clear picture will be available only after the census work is completed. We do not have any information at the moment.”

BSF’s duty

The BSF is responsible for guarding the India-Pakistan International Border in Punjab and Jammu. According to them, smugglers and Pakistan’s spy agency ISI have adopted the strategy of sending drugs and weapons through drones as the security measures at the border have increased more than before. According to BSF sources, according to statistics, 79 drones were spotted in Jammu and Punjab in 2020. There were 109 drone sightings last year and nearly 270 so far this year. Pankaj said, “Where one drone was shot down last year, 16 drones have been shot down this year.”

Drones are increasing in size. According to BSF sources, the drone that was shot down by a BFF guard on the Amritsar border on the 29th weighed 18 kilograms. Which had flown from Pakistan with about three kilos of drugs.

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The opposition questions Modi’s responsibility for vaccines

Recently, the Center told the Supreme Court that the government is not responsible for the death of someone taking the anti-coronavirus. Yesterday, the opposition came together to question the Narendra Modi government’s ‘shifting the blame’ mindset. They say there is no problem when there is Narendra Modi’s photo on the immunization certificate to ‘take credit’ for vaccination. But when the question of taking responsibility arises, the ruling camp is busy taking it away.

The opposition alleged that the Center had blamed the state for deaths due to lack of oxygen during the severe outbreak of Covid. This time, the Modi government has come down to avoid responsibility if death occurs after taking the vaccine.

The families of two young women who died after taking the vaccine recently approached the Supreme Court seeking compensation from the Centre. At the hearing of that case, the government said that vaccination was not mandatory at all. It was all at the discretion of the recipient concerned. Hence the onus of compensation does not fall on the Center in any way.

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Regarding the Centre’s position, the Congress wrote on Twitter yesterday, “First it was said that no one died due to lack of oxygen. Then no help was given to the dead of Covid. And now it is being said that no compensation will be given to those who died after taking the vaccine. Prime Minister Narendra Modi knows how. The responsibility has to be shed. He is a true event manager.”