$2 Million Has Been Raised By Rural Tech Startup in the Seed Funding

Hesa is a rural tech startup in Bengaluru. It started doing its operations in April 2020. It said that it has gained a gross revenue of $4 million till now. Moreover, it has witnessed a 15% average increase every month and a retention rate of 65%.

Hesa, as part of its seed funding round, recently has raised $2 million. This seed funding round was led by the catalyst of ventures. Apart from venture catalysts, the 9Unicorns and Startup accelerator funds are also part of the round.

It not only provides the platform but also shows and demonstrates the work. It helps such rural businesses to connect to their customers and make their services available all across the country.

Seed Funding

Rural Tech Startup in the Seed Funding

The founder and chief executive of Hesa, Vamsi Udayagiri said that Hesa is going to India’s powerful and innovative model. He integrates the small markets of rural India and strengthens them. The availability of technology in rural India will bring ease in the movement of goods and establish a good communication system.

Apart from the sales of products, Hesa has also helped the marketers and people who do promotions. The entrepreneurs have also benefited much from Hesa. The company is playing the role of wheel to bring all the small-scale businesses together and make them help each other.

As a part of AatmaNirbhar Bharat, every company should try to do the same. The company is growing and the fund will be utilized for further operations to make India’s villages self-sufficient.

The impact of Hesa can be seen by the fact that it has already established a connection between the brands and its customers. 65 brands have been connected to 600,000 rural customers. The network of Hesa has 8000 entrepreneurs of village-level ad around 5000 villages.