141 Killed in Bridge Crossing

The death toll had reached one hundred by Sunday night. The fear was increasing. In total, that number reached 141 people on Monday. Out of which 47 are children. Among those who lost their lives when the suspension bridge collapsed on the Machu River in Moravi, Gujarat on Sunday evening, the youngest so far is only two years old.

Details of rescue work

Rescue work is going on in full swing. According to local and administration sources, hundreds are still missing in the river. As a result, the death toll is expected to increase. Despite speculation on Sunday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who is visiting poll-bound Gujarat, did not visit Moravi that day. However, a high-level meeting was held at the Raj Bhavan in Gandhinagar regarding the rescue work. It was attended by Chief Minister Bhupendra Patel, State Home Minister Harsh Sanghvi, DG Police, Chief Secretary, and other top bureaucrats.

The Gujarat government said the Prime Minister will visit the site on Tuesday. However, the political debate over why the Prime Minister did not go on Monday did not stop there. The Gujarat government, embarrassed by the bridge breaking in the face of the vote, announced the formation of a five-member special team to investigate the incident. Rajkot Range IG Ashok Yadav said that 9 people have already been arrested. Among them are the managers of Oreva, the company cited for the renovation and maintenance of the bridge.

Bridge Crossing
Image Source: https://images.indianexpress.com/2022/10/crimea-bridge-1200.jpg

Accused people

Some workers in charge of selling tickets to climb the bridge have also been arrested. Gujarat Police has registered an FIR in this regard. It provides for involuntary manslaughter, doing an act knowing that death may result, and abetment. However, the FIR does not name Oreva, its owner, or any top official. Why the IG avoided a direct answer to that question? According to local media sources, Oreva’s top management has been out of reach since the accident.

Vote before it. On top of that, the Prime Minister himself has visited the state. In this situation, the Gujarat government and the BJP have to face constant fire from the opposition in the bridge disaster. The question arises, hastened the repair and renovation of the bridge, which is about one and a half hundred years old, hastily opened because of the vote? Even without the permission of the municipality! What was the local administration doing? So many people bought tickets together on the bridge or what?

Wrapping up

In this situation, the state government is trying to avoid responsibility and push it toward the municipality. Former Deputy Chief Minister Nitin Patel said, “The bridge renovation was inaugurated by the town authority of Moravi. The Gujarat government had no direct or indirect role in it.” He said that the old bridge was for personal use. Was worn out. After renovation, it was opened to tourists. Meanwhile, top municipal official Sandeep Singh Jhala said, none of their officials were present at the inauguration of the bridge. The municipality did not give permission.